KOOLKE® 10 Inch Hoverboard Segway Review

When it comes to the top segways for sale, few compare to the KOOLKE® 10 Inch Hoverboard. There are many reasons why this is easily one of the top rated hoverboards we’ve reviewed here at Best Hover Board Reviews.

Let’s get right into this KOOLKE® 10 Inch Hoverboard Segway review. For starters, this self-balancing scooter has a unique design, meaning it sticks out from the other top segways for sale. The huge 10″ tires allow it to perform well on a wide range of surfaces from grass to asphalt. The wheel design blends in well with the main body of the device, giving it a rather impressive look. The LED lights that come standard add to the futuristic look.

KOOLKE 10 Inch Hoverboard Segway

Even though the KOOLKE® 10 Inch Hoverboard looks impressive, it’s not just its external features that make it one of the top segways for sale right now. No, it’s the impressive features that you will have a hard time finding on many other self-balancing scooter models. It’s noticeably more durable than most top segways for sale, thanks to the high quality materials that are used to make the exterior. It can take lots of abuse, and it’ll keep on ticking. Unlike many other self-balancing scooters that can’t even handle a splash of water, the KOOLKE® 10 Inch Hoverboard is designed to perform even in the rain.

That’s a very rare feature to find in any of the top rated hover boards for sale right now.

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This personal transporter has a range of over 15 miles, depending on the rider’s weight, so a fully charged battery has more than enough juice to handle your daily transportation needs. It’s not like you walk more than 15 miles per day, now is it?

It has a top speed of 10 miles per hour, so you need to use your judgement to decide if the younger members of your family are skilled enough and responsible enough to handle such speeds. If you’re a speed junkie, you’re in luck. You’ll get to satisfy your need for speed when operating this self-balancing scooter.

Any one that weighs 240 pounds or less can operate one of these. It comes in at 28 pounds, which isn’t much for teenagers and adults to tote around, but that is something else you need to consider if you plan to get one for kids under the age of 12 since the smaller ones might find it a bit heavy. As an added security feature, it comes with a remote that can be used to lock and unlock the device.

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The charging system that comes standard with the KOOLKE® 10 Inch Hoverboard is more than capable. It can fully charge a low battery within two hours. That’s faster than most cell phone chargers! It also comes with a six-month warranty, meaning you’re covered in the rare event your device malfunctions.

Given the features listed above, it’s easy to see why the KOOLKE® 10 Inch Hoverboard is one of the top segways for sale right now.

KOOLKE® 10 Inch Hoverboard Key Specs

Top speed: 10 miles per hour

Max permissible grade: 15 degrees

Max load: 240 pounds

Operating temperature: 14-104 degrees Fahrenheit

Charging time: 2 hours

Tire size: 10”Range: 15 miles

Weight: 28 pounds

Warranty: 6 months

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KOOLKE® 10 Inch Hoverboard Pros

  • Can be operated in the rain.
  • Very durable.
  • Good top speed.
  • 15 mile range.

KOOLKE® 10 Inch Hoverboard Cons

  • Could use a higher max load.
  • A bit heavy at 28 pounds.

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