CoolReall™ Self Balancing Scooter Two-Wheel Segway Review

Any respectable hoverboard ratings list will surely have the CoolReall self-balancing segway on it. It’s one of the top selling hover boards available for purchase right now, and for good reason.

Where do we start?

For one, this hover board performs excellently on a wide range of surfaces, from carpet to sidewalks. The sturdy design of the exterior allows it to carry loads as high as 220 pounds, and there’s more than enough space in the foot area, for those with larger feet, making the CoolReall self-balancing segway a solid choice for kids and adults alike.

CoolReall™ Self Balancing Scooter Two-Wheel Segway Review

The foot area, is made out of anti-slip materials, giving you better stability when you ride. That in turn makes this one of the easier hoverboards to learn to ride and master. Users who have zero experience with segways, unicycles, skateboards, or other similar personal transporters typically begin to feel comfortable with the CoolReall self-balancing segway after about 10 minutes of practice.

The well-thought out design isn’t the only thing to like about his gem from CoolReall. Like we said earlier, there are many reasons it’s one of the top items on our hoverboard ratings list.

Its capabilities performance-wise are just as impressive. It has a maximum speed of around 6 miles per hour, meaning you don’t have to worry about your kids operating it too fast, yet it’s still a lot faster than walking around the ancient way.

You know, using your two feet like those ancient humans did back when dinosaurs roamed the earth!

Of course, like most other devices, there are some features that are a bit of a catch-22.For example, one of the things that immediately stick out about the CoolReall self-balancing segway, is how solid it is. This allows it to take lots of abuse and damage, without compromising the internal circuits. However, this sturdiness also makes it one of the heavier hoverboards around, coming it at 29 pounds.

Sure, 29 pounds isn’t much to tote around for grown adults, but it’s a completely different story for young kids.That’s probably the biggest negative about this hoverboard, but it doesn’t affect its ratings much. If the developers at CoolReall are smart, which they seem to be given the incredible design of this segway, they’ll probably come up with some sort of carrier to make things easier for those who might have a hard time carrying a 29-pound item.

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All in all, the fact the CoolReall self-balancing segway is somewhat heavy doesn’t take away from its many awesome features. If you’re in the market for a hover board to buy, this is one of the better options available right now.

CoolReall™ Self Balancing Scooter Two-Wheel Segway Pros

  • Very sturdy design.
  • Can carry loads up to 220 pounds.
  • Slip-resistant material on foot area gives users better stability.
  • Easy to master.

CoolReall™ Self Balancing Scooter Two-Wheel Segway Cons

  • Might be too heavy for small kids to carry around.
  • Could be faster.

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